Tehran (IP) – The Commander of Iran's Army said the arrogant world powers are inevitable to witness Iran's rise for the second step of its Islamic civilization toward the world's seas, oceans, and the areas of authority.

Iran PressIran News: In his speech the Sunday session of the parliament, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi commemorated the anniversary of the 8-year Sacred Defense saying it was a perfect model of the will, effort, and unity of the Iranian nation for endurance and success, in which all the components have played a determining role.

General Mousavi noted that Iran's Army along with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Basij, and Construction Jihad, backed by the comprehensive help of the people and all commanded by Imam Khomeini in their 8-year Sacred Defense, changed the world's strategic equations.

The commander described the 8-year Sacred Defense as a pure tree the branches of which has extended to the different part of the world and let the people know the school of resistance against the world arrogant powers. 

Meanwhile, he pointed to the diligent efforts of the Army to defend Iran in aerial, sea, and land borders, saying the army air defense managed the total aerial operations during the 8-year Sacred Defense against the Iraqi Ba'athist regime of Saddam. 

Keeping the connective waterways in the sea, the Navy did a very great act, the commander added and went on to say that the Army's ground force has had an active presence in managing all crisis including flood, quakes, the coronavirus outbreak, as well as maintaining peace and security in the borders.

General Mousavi also highlighted the capability of the Army's UVA unit and stressed that it will make enemies regret their wrong equation in case of aggression. 

The Commander of Iran's Army concluded that the army seeks to upgrade as such the Iranian nation deserves and called for the parliament's support as the way the army deserves it.


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