Tabriz (IP) - Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology traveled to Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran, and unveiled 11 technological and knowledge-based projects.

Iran PressIran news: Sorena Sattari traveled to Tabriz on Tuesday and went to the Science and Technology Park of East Azarbaijan Province to start the transfer of lands to technology and knowledge-based companies in the park.

Also, the largest water pump in Iran, which was built by Tabriz Pumpiran Company, was unveiled in the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The largest water pump in Iran has the capability to transfer 2,800 cubic meters of water per hour and is used to transfer water from the Persian Gulf to the central regions of Iran.

On the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony, Sattari said that East Azarbaijan province and especially the city of Tabriz is one of the main hubs in the field of science and technology and the outlook of Tabriz technology is clear.

The first factory for the production of laser tubes in Iran was inaugurated in Tabriz with the presence of Sorena Sattari, along with the production deepening unit inside a knowledge-based company.

The Vice President for Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran also visited the exhibitions of technological products of the University of Tabriz, Sahand Industrial University, and Islamic Azad University.    205/207

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