Rafael Grossi met mMohsen Baharvand

Tehran (IP) - In a meeting with Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs on Tuesday, the chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) called Iran a good partner for the IAEA.

Iran PressEurope: During the meeting, Rafael Grossi positively assessed the cooperation between Iran and the IAEA and the level of verification activities in Iran.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs Mohsen Baharvand also pointed to the vast cooperation between the country and the IAEA and stressed the inflexibility of the agency against the political pressures aiming at deviating the cooperation. 

Baharvand called the cooperation of the third parties in a constructive atmosphere and away from being influenced to the benefit of both sides and the integrity of the Agency.

He also appreciated the agency's assistance in the fight against the coronavirus in Iran and considered technical cooperation as an important and integral part of the IAEA’s mission.

The Iranian official pointed out that the use of nuclear energy is a right of all of the member states of the agency and referred to the status of Saudi Arabia. 

He said the activities of Saudi Arabia which are very opaque and refuse to accept IAEA inspectors, are a cause for concern, and that the IAEA should be able to carry out its verification activities in such countries.

The quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency opened yesterday in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

At the opening of the meeting, Grossi said that the IAEA and Iran have agreed on the implementation of the safeguards, and expressed hope that the agreement would lead to the development of cooperation and trust between the two sides.


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