Tehran ( IP) -Iranian President's Chief of Staff and the head of the joint economic commission of Iran and Turkey, referring to the holding of the Sixth Meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council between the two countries in Tehran, said that the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Turkey will be held soon with the aim of making efforts and decisions to develop and deepen trade and economic relations.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking to reporters on the sideline of the joint meeting, which was held in the form of a video conference on Tuesday, Mahmoud Vaezi referred to the decline in trade and economic relations between Iran and Turkey after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, noting: "The two countries are determined to quickly restore the level of their economic relations to the time before Coronavirus."

The head of the Iran-Turkey Joint Economic Commission, noting that the foundation of economic relations between the two countries is good and very good cooperation documents have been signed, also stressed the expansion of banking relations between the two countries.

Vaezi expressed that the main points of the meeting were: "deepening cooperation and forming joint committees in the field of energy, gas exports, petrochemical products, electricity cooperation, customs cooperation and use of electronic systems in this field, transportation, rail and road transit along with strengthening border cooperation between the two countries.

He noted that the two countries agreed at the sixth Meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council of Iran and Turkey to show more flexibility in the preferential trade agreement and to exchange 60 items from both sides.

Iranian President's Chief of Staff also said: "Cooperation in the field of investment and the establishment of a joint committee to support companies and mutual investments should be expanded, and the ministers of the two countries should follow the decisions in person or by video conference based on the agreements reached."

The sixth meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council between Iran and Turkey was held on Tuesday in a video conference hosted by Tehran due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.


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