Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh

Tehran (IP) - Referring to the import of gasoline and gas oil in 2013, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said: "Now, the export of Iranian petroleum products has quadrupled."

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh told an Iranian TV channel on Wednesday evening that: "Iran's oil exports in 2013 were about 5 million tons, which has reached more than 23 million tons last year."

Zanganeh also said that the most important joint oil fields in terms of volume and reserves are west of the Karun River, noting that the extraction of these fields in 2013 was about 70 thousand barrels, but now it has increased 6 times to 400 thousand barrels.

Pointing out to the Iran's largest offshore field South Pars, the Iranian oil minister added: "Iran's production from this field in 2013 was about 280 million cubic meters per day, which has now increased by 2.5 times to 700 million cubic meters."

South Pars gas field is the world's largest gas field lying on the territorial border between Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. It is located 100 kilometers to the southern coast of Iran. 

Zanganeh further emphasized that Iran does not wait for foreigners in the development of oil fields, noting that the Islamic Republic is ahead of its neighbors in terms of production capacity by relying on domestic capacities and Iranian companies in all major joint oil and gas fields.


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