A delegation from Afghanistan has traveled to Iran to issue electronic ID cards and passports for Afghan refugees, a spokesman for Afghan Foreign Ministry said.

Iran PressAsia: "This delegation will start the process of identifying Afghan immigrants in Iran from four centers and will give them electronic ID cards and passports," Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman told reporters in Kabul today (Sunday).

According to a spokesman for the Afghan Foreign Ministry, the process of identifying migrants will begin this week in four centers, including two in Tehran, one in Zahedan, and one in Mashad.

As published statistics indicate, more than 2.4 million Afghan refugees living in Iran do not have identity documents, including identity cards and passports.

Electronic ID cards are to be issued to immigrants living in Iran, Pakistan, and India.

Although after the approval of the Population Registration Law in the House of Representatives, the Government of Afghanistan in May 2018 has started the process of distributing ID cards, this process is slow in many cities in Afghanistan.

The President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, officially started the process of distributing these electronic ID cards in May 2018 by obtaining the first electronic ID card.

More than two years after the distribution of ID cards in Afghanistan, the government has so far been able to distribute only 800,000 ID cards. If this trend continues, the distribution of ID cards to Afghanistan's 32 million people will take decades.

Afghanistan is one of the few countries in the world that more than a century after the first ID card was distributed in this country, many of its citizens still do not have ID cards.


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