US Senate is approving a multibillion-dollar budget for the Pentagon while 26 million Americans are suffering from unemployment and malnourishment following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Iran Press/America: According to the CNBC website, the results of the latest research in the United States show that about 20% of adults who live with their children do not have the financial means to provide adequate nutrition for their families.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, many employers have laid off their employees, and some of these indirect corona victims have been unable to provide enough food for their families.

Although the solution for requesting the use of food baskets for the needy is foreseen, many people do not benefit from such services.

According to CNBC, over $740 billion is the allocated defense budget for 2020 which has just been approved by the Senate. Strangely enough, according to Reuters, the Treasury is trying to reduce the unemployment insurance for the unemployed in the Corona crisis in the second US government relief package.

The Trump administration has been widely criticized for failing to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and has lost popularity with Americans, according to recent opinion polls.


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