Tehran (IP) - The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement's representative in Tehran said the US-Israeli plan of West Bank Annexation is a plot to steal Palestine.

Iran Press/Iran News: Nasser Abu Sharif said on Monday that Muslims must come out of the illusion of peace process with the Israeli regime and devise a plan to confront the new US-Israeli-cooked plot. 

Abu sharif stressed that today's war is not a conflict between Muslims and Jews, but a war by the Western factions against the Islamic civilization to omit it from the region.  

Abu Sharif said Israel's only goal in the region is to ensure Israel's security, adding: "it doesn't matter to the West whether the Palestinians are there or not and as the US Secretary of State said, Israel is a priority for them".

The Palestinian authority emphasized that the West Bank issue is a plot beyond annexation to the occupied territories, which is to omit the whole Palestine's issue, which is in fact to steal Palestine. 

Nasser Abu Sharif appreciated Iran's stances against the Israeli annexation plan and said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Palestinian people believe that this Zionist plan must be confronted and Iran is the only Muslim country that fully believes in the rights of Palestinians and the complete liberation of the occupied territories".

He expressed hope that as Iran has been the pioneer in the Palestinian issue, it will manage to align the Muslim countries to confront the US-Israeli plan of West Bank Annexation.


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