Tehran (IP) - The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has successfully fired short and long-range homegrown cruise missiles produced by the Ministry of Defense in the northern Indian Ocean and the Oman Sea on Thursday.

Iran PressIran news: In the exercise, codenamed ‘Ramadan Martyrs’, the Navy tested new short-range and long-range cruise missiles manufactured by the Iranian Defense Ministry.

Iran's Navy destroyed long-range targets at a range of 80 and 200 km during a surface combat exercise with long-range cruise missiles, the range of which can be increased.

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Also, in this drill, the missiles from the coast to the sea and the sea to the sea with short and long ranges were successfully fired from the shore and the deck of the Iranian Navy vessels and hit the set targets with great precision.

The missiles fired during the drill were designed and manufactured by the Iranian Ministry of Defense cooperating with the Navy.

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At the end of the exercise, Deputy Coordinator of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, called the firing of cruise missiles a promising step in improving defense and deterrence capabilities.

"Iranian knowledge-based centers and young researchers continue the clear path of self-reliance and disconnection of equipment dependencies, regardless of the oppressive sanctions," Admiral Sayyari said.

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Also, Admiral Amir Hossein Khanzadi, Commander of the Iranian Navy, considered the surface combat and long and short-range missiles drill successful and stated: "Achieving this new indigenous success with the efforts of the Iranian youth, has shown the Islamic Republic's long-hand to face any threat against the system and the people, and has strengthened the spirit of self-confidence in the armed forces.

The Thursday war game was held on the fortieth day after the martyrdom of a number of Navy forces in an incident involving the Konarak vessel.

Nineteen Navy servicemen were martyred and 15 others injured in the accident on May 10 when a number of vessels were carrying a naval training exercise off the coasts of Jask and Chabahar in the Sea of Oman.


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Iran army tests new generation of homegrown cruise missiles