The United Nations in a report released Monday said Afghanistan war has made the country the world’s deadliest place for children last year, a status the country has held for five consecutive years.

Iran PressAsia: According to the report, 874 children were killed by the war throughout 2019.

It adds that these numbers were among the 3,410 young Afghans who suffered from “grave violations,” which included maiming, abduction, sexual abuse, and attacks at schools and hospitals.

The report also blamed the Taliban for causing over 1,238 child deaths and injuries, the largest number attributed to any single group.

“I am extremely concerned about the increased number of children killed and maimed by all parties,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said about Afghanistan in the annual Children in Armed Conflict report. “I remain concerned about casualties caused by government and international forces, and I urge them to review, strengthen, and implement current tactical protocols to prevent (them).”

The report acknowledges steps taken by the Afghan government to prevent child recruitment.

Other countries including Syria, Palestine, and Somalia have also named the top places in the world where children had been deprived of education and health care because of attacks or closures of facilities for military use.