Tehran (IP) - The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that his country has foiled the policy of "knees on necks" by the administration of US President Donald Trump

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani said that Iran has faced severe and unparalleled sanctions imposed by White House officials from 2018, and they have used threats to force other countries to sever ties with the Islamic Republic. 

"Unlike those countries that did not face the pressure of sanctions and only faced the coronavirus crisis, the resilience of the Iranian nation has been great and will be recorded in the country's history," added the President.

"The two years of 2017 and 2018 were special years for us because of these sanctions, but in 2019 we had a more difficult situation with the spread of the coronavirus," he noted. 

Iranian President went on to say that being under these sanctions and despite all the pressures, 4 to 5 thousand projects are inaugurated weekly in the country, adding this is a manifestation of vitality and quality in the country.


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