The two-day talks on the resolution of the Ukraine-Russia war crisis in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ended without achieving a tangible result.

Iran PressMiddle East: Representatives of more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Great Britain, India, China, the United States, Turkey, South Africa, as well as members of the European Union, held a meeting on Saturday and Sunday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for peaceful solutions to the Ukraine crisis.

In this meeting, the need to use suggested opinions was emphasized and the parties announced that positive views and opinions were raised in this meeting.

Western countries and Ukraine hoped the gathering would help isolate Russia and win backing for Ukraine among developing countries that had yet to declare a position on the invasion. Some view the conflict as between a US-led Nato and Moscow.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted by state media on Sunday as saying the meeting was "a reflection of the West's attempt to continue futile, doomed efforts" to mobilise the Global South behind Zelenskiy's position.

This meeting was held without Russia's participation, but Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that he will inform the Russian President about the results of these meetings.

China ‘backs further Ukraine peace talks’ after Saudi Arabia summit

Senior officials from about 40 countries met in Jeddah in attempt to draft key principles on ending war

China is said to be in support of a third round of talks to find a framework for peace in Ukraine after a meeting of senior officials from about 40 countries in Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

The two-day summit in Jeddah was the second of its kind, after a similar forum in Copenhagen earlier this summer, and aims to draft key principles on how to end Russia’s war in Ukraine.