The Head of the Iranian Space Agency, Morteza Barari

Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Minister of Communications said: "Despite all restrictions and sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran has reached the full cycle of space technology."

Iran Press/Iran news: According to the Iranian Space Agency's public relations report on Sunday, in recent years the US administration has tried to demonize the Islamic Republic of Iran's space program as non-peaceful and link Iran's space launches to UN Security Council Resolution 2231, while these have nothing to do with each other. 

Morteza Barari, the head of the organization, while emphasizing this issue, about the nature of the Iranian Space Agency function said: The Iranian Space Agency under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, as the main custodian of space activities, operates only in the field of satellite and its applications.

The department of Spatial Application Development and Services is trying to provide space services and applications to the public by developing space technology in the field of satellite design and construction and creating the necessary infrastructure such as laboratories and testing centers, Barari added.

The Deputy Minister of Communications said: "Within this structure, a General Directorate for the Development of Space-Based Businesses has been formed and is active with the vision of supporting the private sector. In this important direction, the organization has tried to establish direct and daily communication with research institutes, universities,and many scientific-research centers."

The Iranian Space Agency has never entered the non-peaceful area, although this is also true for other institutions active in this area. However, in September of last year, the US government unilaterally and illegally sanctioned the organization, along with two other research centers.


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