Shiraz (IP) - Ordibehesht 15 in the Persian calendar (May 4) has been designated as Shiraz Day due to its unique nature in spring, as well as historical and cultural importance.

Iran Press/Iran News: Shiraz, the capital of Fars province, southern Iran, is a spectacular and beautiful city in the spring, especially in Ordibehesht (starting from April 20), and for this reason, Ordibehesht 15 (May 4) is named Shiraz Day.

Shiraz, along with its unique nature in spring, is a historical, cultural, and literary city, and there are beautiful historical and cultural sites in it.

Eram Garden, Afif-Abad Garden, Tomb of Hafez, Tomb of Sa’di, Jameh Mosque of Atigh, and Persepolis are among the historical, cultural, and ancient sites of Shiraz that are of interest to domestic and foreign tourists. 

Every year on Shiraz Day, different ceremonies are held in this city, but this year, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the historical, cultural, and literary places of Shiraz do not host tourists, and history, and art lovers.

All tourist attractions across the country this year have been closed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.


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