Tehran (IP) - The representative of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Ivo Freijsen in Iran expressed that Iran has hosted Afghan refugees for more than 40 years.

Iran PressIran News: Ivo Freijsen in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said that the role of UNHCR in the Islamic Republic of Iran is to assist the government to provide basic social services as well as protection for Afghan refugees in areas such as health, education, and skill and development so that Afghans who wish to go back to their home can do so in a planned and organized manner.

He went on to say that Iran has been hosting Afghan refugees for more than 40 years and has done well in making basic social services accessible for refugees.

"This is what we want to witness in international norms, and Afghan children take advantage of education and healthcare like all the other children in Iran," he said.

"UNHCR tries to maximize its support for Iran in the protection of refugees and related services. This measure is more important these days due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Because of additional need, for this reason, we hope that our donors which have helped us a lot more, help us again in this circumstance," the official highlighted.

The official also thanked for the given opportunity to convey his message and expressed hope that the situation becomes stable in Afghanistan so that they can go back to their home and rebuilt their life, noting: "We continue our efforts and are willing to work with international partners to provide adequate services."


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