The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches in their message to the US President Donald Trump shared their deep concern over US sanctions imposed on the great nation of Iran, calling for lifting them.

Iran Press/America: The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, following the message of chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and Chairman of the Policy and Coordination Council of the Dialogue of Religions Ebrahimi Torkaman, expressed their concern over the Us sanctions imposed against the Iranian nation.

The letter reads that in this Easter season, the central point in the annual church calendar for Christians around the world, and as Muslims approach the holy month of Ramadan, we confront a challenging new reality requiring us to refrain from gathering together in our faith communities, in order to protect ourselves and our societies from illness and harm."

"In this unprecedented situation, we have a special opportunity and responsibility for deep reflection, and for renewal and seeking new beginnings."

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Calling the novel coronavirus as the common enemy of humanity everywhere, the letter said that it threatens all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, politics or any other human affiliation, discriminating only in the severity of its impact on people and communities already made vulnerable by pre-existing health conditions and/or poverty.

The letter highlighted that an effective response to the pandemic demands an unprecedented degree of global solidarity and cooperation, special care for the most vulnerable, and swift action to mitigate the conditions which create additional vulnerability.

"In this context, the World Council of Churches (WCC), ACT (Action by Churches Together) Alliance, and the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCCCUSA) share a deep concern for the impact on the people of Iran of the sanctions imposed by the United States.", noted the letter.

"Iran, currently with over 67,000 confirmed cases and more than 4,000 verified deaths due to COVID-19, is by far the most affected country in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and one of the most affected countries in the world. But its public health response is severely impeded by the strict sanctions regime imposed on the country unilaterally by the United States since May 2019, resulting in an almost total economic blockade.", the letter highlighted.

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According to a recent article published in the Lancet, “All aspects of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment measures in fighting Coronavirus in Iran are directly and indirectly hampered by US sanctions including medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment such as protective gowns and necessary medication from abroad. Despite WHO and other international humanitarian organizations dispatching supplies and medical necessities, the speed of the outbreak and the detrimental effects of sanctions have resulted in reduced access to life-saving medicines and equipment, adding to the health sector's pre-existing requirements for other difficult health conditions.”

In a letter to the International Sociological Association (ISA), the Iranian Sociological Association emphasized concern over continued sanctions.

“As a matter of international solidarity and humanitarian principle, and in the spirit of the UN Secretary-General’s appeal, WCC, ACT Alliance and NCCCUSA jointly appeal to you to lift the crippling sanctions against Iran, including the financial sanctions and to allow the International Monetary Fund to grant Iran’s request for an emergency loan to assist it in its response to this crisis.

Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Sauca, Acting General Secretary, World Council of Churches and Mr. Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, General Secretary, ACT Alliance and Mr. Jim Winkler General Secretary, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA have signed this letter.


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