Britain's ambassador to Iran Rob Macaire has left Tehran, according to media reports on Wednesday, indicating that his departure had been previously announced to the relevant officials.

Iran Press/Iran News: Robert Macaire has left Tehran for London a few days after his brief arrest at the site of an illegal protest rally in Tehran.

There has been no official confirmation from Iran's Foreign Ministery as yet.

Some media reports have cited Britain's Foreign Office as saying that Macaire's trip to London is "routine, business as usual" and that it had been planned prior to his arrest in Tehran, adding the envoy will return to Iran.

Iranian police detained Rob Macaire on Saturday but released him 15 minutes later following contacts with Foreign Ministry officials. The detention came after the UK envoy was spotted at the site of an unauthorized protest in Tehran over the recent downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane that killed 176 people.

The next day, Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Macaire to protest against his unconventional behaviour, arguing that the ambassador's conduct ran counter to the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.


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