Iranian President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the Karaj-Hashtgerd Metro train on Tuesday morning, saying the new Metro Line has the capacity to displace up to 400000 commuters on a daily basis between Tehran, Karaj and Hashtgerd.

Iran Press/Iran News: President Rouhani said: "Government employees (and civil servants) have received a 20 percent increase in their wages and salaries this year, and next year they will receive a 15 percent boost to their pay."

Rouhani also thanked all those who have been involved in the construction of the new rail line (Metro Line), saying the new Metro link will facilitate commuting between Hashtgerd, Karaj, and Tehran, making it cheaper and faster for commuters to travel, and will also significantly benefit the environment, and peoples' health as well,  since fewer cars will be on the road and less carbon dioxide and pollutants will enter the atmosphere.

President Rouhani said it is also a safer mode of travel since Metros and trains are less likely to have an accident.   

Traversing 26 km with a capacity for transporting 400000 commuters on a daily basis, the train line has cost 1,000 billion Toumans.

The train stops in two stations; one of which Hashtgerd is the largest surface station in Iran with 22,000 square meters so that it could cover the new residence and its surroundings.

The construction of the Karaj-Hashtgerd train line took 8 years to complete.

Reduction of Karaj and Tehran's air-pollution, decrease in traffic load of the routs leading to Tehran, faster, safer, and cheaper transportation are all major advantages and benefits of the new Metro service.


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