Ashraf Ghani has been declared the winner of last September's Presidential Election in Afghanistan, garnering 50.64 percent of the votes cast.

Iran Press/Asia: According to an IRIB report from Kabul, a press conference was held on Sunday morning by the Head of the Afghan Election Commission, Hawa Alam Nourestani, who declared Ashraf Ghani the winner of last September's Presidential Election.

According to Ms. Nourestani, Ashraf Ghani garnered 923,868 votes, corresponding to 50.64 percent of all the votes cast. His closest rival, in second place, was Abdullah Abdullah, who garnered 702,990 votes, corresponding to 39.52 percent of all the votes cast. 

According to the Head of the Afghan Election Commission, Gulboddine Hekmatyar, and Rahmatullah Nabeel were placed third and fourth in the presidential election respectively. 

According to Nourestani the announced results are not final, and final results will only be declared when all complaints by candidates have been dealt with satisfactorily by the Election Commission.

Vote Counting in Afghanistan's Presidential Election



Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah, the main challenger to Ashraf Ghani, has said as far as he is concerned the results just announced are not valid since for each candidate the number of "spoilt ballots" or "invalid votes" should be stated.


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