Sheikh Ebrahim Zakzaki, Leader of the Nigerian Islamic Movement.

The High Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran has issued a statement expressing concern about the health of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Sheikh Ebrahim Zakzaki, who is currently imprisoned in Nigeria.

Iran Press/Iran news: The statement by the High Council of the Cultural Revolution expresses alarm about reports that Sheikh Zakzaki has been denied medical attention and has been once again transferred to Kaduna prison -- a prison which is notorious for its unsanitary and filthy conditions.

The statement by the High Council of the Cultural Revolution also calls on foreign ministers of all Islamic countries, including the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to protest Sheikh Zakzaki's illegal detention and demand from the Nigerian government the release of the imprisoned Sheikh.

The statement urges all to pursue the case of Sheikh Ebrahim Zakzaki, the honorable leader of Nigeria's Shia Muslim community, and demand his release from the Nigerian government.

More than four years have passed since the brutal massacre of Nigerian Shia Muslims on the day of Ashura by the Nigerian Army in December 2015 in the northern city of Zaria. Sadly, Nigeria's military rulers, have once again tightened the callous restrictions on the imprisoned Sheikh Zakzaki and his wife, denying medical treatment to both of them, despite the fact that both are in poor health and desperately need medical attention.

The unsanitary conditions in Kaduna prison have only heightened concerns about the state of health of Sheikh Ebrahim Zakzaki, the Leader of Nigeria's Islamic Movement.


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