Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade has said that one of the country's main priority is to double export to neighboring countries.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at 23rd National Export Day marking ceremony at Tehran international Conference Hall here in Tehran, Reza Rahmani said: "Our main priority is doubling export by 2021."

Rahmani said: "One of the strategies we can take to overcome sanctions in the current situation is the presence of people on the economic scene."

Rahmani noted: "Most of the Iranian goods are famous. We have significant capacities. Our main priorities are doubling export from 24 billion dollars to 48 billion to neighboring countries and countries such as China and India."

"One of the ways to boost production is exporting high-quality products," he highlighted.

Referring to Iran's plan to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Rahmani added: "We have made China, India, the Islamic countries and Africa our top export priority. For example, China imports $ 2000 billion. They demanded that we export as much as we could. Exports are a boom for our production, but if we do not export quality goods, the export gate will be closed." 207

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