Iran’s Deputy Representative to the UN Eshaq Al-e Habib has slammed a recent resolution of UN General Assembly's Third Committee against Iran.

Iran Press/ America: slamming so-called advocates of human rights, Eshaq Al-e Habib on Thursday said that the Third Committee session on draft resolution of human rights is an occasion to exploit the issue.

"This session is simply another occasion in which the subject of human rights is being exploited, by the countries which cannot care less about it. This is simply another episode of a pattern that further exposes dishonesty and hypocrisy on the part of certain players with the darkest human rights records," Al-e-Habib said.

He further noted to Canada as one of the sponsors of the anti-Iran resolution and said: "How can a supporter of apartheid in Palestine pose itself as a human rights defender in Iran?"

"Iran has expressed its willingness, for a meaningful dialogue on human rights with all interested parties. These honest proposals were largely fell on deaf ears. Instead, we continue to face intimidation and coercion," he noted.

"It should be expressive enough that my people, especially the most vulnerable among them, are currently struggling with the full-fledged economic terrorism that is waged by the major campaigner--and indeed arm-twister- for the resolution L.27, namely, the Government of the United States, which deliberately targets civilians and violates their basic human rights," Al-e- Habib continued.

"However, we continue to view this resolution as a purely politicized and counter-productive move. It has no bearing on the actual cause of human rights. In view of the above, I earnestly call on all delegations to deny the proponents of double standards, intimidation and coercion another opportunity to abuse human rights," Iran's envoy reiterated.

The United Nations General Assembly's Third Committee approved the draft of a resolution proposed by Canada by which Iran's human rights dossier will remain open for another year.

Canada's government sponsors a resolution against Iran each year, the content and allies of which reveals political aims to pressure Iran. The US and Zionist regime are among supporters of the resolution. 207

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