Rahmani and Abdullayev met

Iran's Minister of Industry, Mining, and Trade in a meeting with the Uzbek ambassador to Tehran Bahador Abdullayev on Friday said that there are high potentials for the development of relations between Iran and Uzbekistan.

 Iran Press/Asia: Reza Rahmani said the economic ties between the two-nations should be strengthened by exchanging economic delegations.

Rahmani also emphasized the greater cooperation and engagement of the private sector in the two countries as a powerful economic arm of governments, saying, "Increasing the level of trade and developing economic relations with neighboring countries is one of Iran's top priorities. To achieve the goal, capacities and capabilities must be properly identified and introduced", Iran Press reported.

The Iran-Uzbekistan Joint Economic Commission's meeting will be held in December in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, headed by Iran's Minister of Industry, Mining, and Trade, and documents for bilateral economic cooperation will be signed.

The two countries are also expected to hold a conference on business opportunities on the sideline of the Joint Commission in Uzbekistan.


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Iran and Uzbekistan to increase economic cooperation