Abadan (IP) - Khuzestan deputy governor and special governor of Khorramshahr noted that since October 1st, 509,000 pilgrims have travelled to Iraq to attend Arbaeen Trek from the Shalamcheh international border.

Iran Press/ Iran News: Kourosh Mavadat said that only on Thursday over 117,000 pilgrims crossed the border into Iraq.

He pointed to the increasing number of Arbaeen pilgrims' accepting gates along the Shalamcheh border and added: "To facilitate the flow of Iranian and foreign pilgrims, 50 gates are active at the Shalamcheh border, "Iran Press reported.

The process of pilgrims crossing the Shalamcheh border is smooth and has accelerated with the increase in the number of passport gates, the official stated.

Spontaneous movement of Arbaeen pilgrims has been started from the early days of October towards Chazzabeh border crossing points, 110 km northwest of Ahvaz and Shalamcheh, 15 km west of Khorramshahr, and in the last few days remained to Arbaeen (40th day of martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions) will reach a height.

Shalamcheh, 15 km west of Khorramshahr, is the most important border crossing of Khuzestan province for Arbaeen pilgrims.

The Shalamcheh border hosts Arbaeen pilgrims from all over Iran and many countries.

Governor of Qasr-e Shirin had stated that after four days of interruption, on Monday morning, the departure of Arbaeen pilgrims from the official Khosravi border to Iraq was resumed.

Morad Ali Tatar added that the ban on pilgrims leaving the official Khosravi border at the request of the Iraqi side was carried out for four days due to internal problems in Iraq and Baghdad and with cancellation of the ban from last night, the pilgrims are heading to Iraq to participate in Arbaeen Trek.

The official went on to say that during the ban on the departure of pilgrims from the official Khosravi border into Iraq, the individual commute of foreign nationals and Iraqi travelers, as well as border trade activities, were carried out without restriction.

The departure of Arbaeen pilgrims from the official Khosravi border stopped last week at the request of Iraqi officials.

This year, the four borders of Khosravi, Mehran, Chazzabeh, and Shalamcheh are open to Arbaeen pilgrims.


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