Yemen hits Sudani mercenaries with Zelzal 1

Yemeni army and Popular Committees have hit the positions of Sudanese mercenaries working for Saudi Arabia in Hajja province, northwest of the country, using home-made 'Zelzal 1' ballistic missiles.  

Iran Press/Middle East:  Dozens of Saudi and Sudanese mercenaries were either killed or wounded in the operation conducted on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night also the Yemeni army and Popular Committees pounded Saudi mercenaries' positions in Najran, in southern Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Yemen, again using ballistic missiles, Iran Press reported.  

The Yemeni Defense Minister Major General Mohammad Nasser al-Atefi had declared that the doors of hell will open up for the Saudi aggressors if they continue with their war of aggression against Yemen.

The Saudi regime and a number of its allies including United Arab Emirates and Sudan launched a war against Yemen in March 2015, ostensibly to restore fugitive president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to power.

The aggression has already led to the deaths and injuries of tens of thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians.

The brutal Saudi-led airstrikes are continuing, with many hospitals, schools, residential buildings being targeted by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

However, the Saudi regime has failed to achieve any of its stated objectives in the impoverished country due to the resistance of Yemeni people. 205/211/215 

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