Iran's vice president at the meeting with Kazakh Prime Minister said that the 'Caspian Economic Forum' (CEF) would have a great impact on regional peace and security.

Iran Press/Asia: Iran's first vice president, Eshaq Jahangiri in a meeting with Kazakh Prime Minister, Askar Mamin noted the signing of 110 documents of cooperation between two countries in the last three decades, and also the holding of a joint commission in the near future.

Jahangiri urged for the elimination of obstacles in Tehran-Astana improving relations and said Iran is ready to develop banking, commercial and tourism cooperation with Kazakhstan.

Jahangiri praised Kazakhstan's role in the Astana peace talks and said: "Your country has played a good role in strengthening solidarity in the Islamic world in the past, and I hope it continues its initiatives."

At the meeting, the Kazakh prime minister also emphasized the region's economic development as one of the goals of the Caspian Neighborhood Forum and announced his country's readiness to boost regional and bilateral relations.


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