President Hassan Rouhani (R) and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron (L)

Iran’s President described the recent talks as a step forward, saying that Iran’s goal in reducing its commitments towards the Nuclear Deal is to provide its interests in the pact.

Iran PressIran news In a phone call with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, Hassan Rouhani said that a restoration of banking and oil industry cooperation is what Tehran expects as minimums under a major international nuclear agreement which has suffered as a result of US sanctions.

Rouhani stated that Iran was committed to efforts in Europe and elsewhere to resuscitate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a deal signed on Iran’s nuclear program in 2015 which began to unravel when the US pulled out of the agreement in May last year.

However, Rouhani said Iran had reduced its commitments under the JCPOA to persuade other parties to the deal to observe their own obligations so that Iran could enjoy the promised benefits.

He said Iran was open to new proposals for finding a solution on the current situation of the JCPOA, adding that Tehran views a restored interaction with the world on banking issues and oil exports as the “most fundamental” of its economic rights.