A ceremony on the 37th anniversary of four Iranians kidnapped-diplomats was held in Iran's Embassy in Lebanese capital city of Beirut.

Iran PressMiddle East: In the ceremony which was held on Friday a number of Lebanese figures attended and urged the determination of the kidnapped diplomats' fates through the highest international judicial courts.

Thirty-seven years passed as of the date the Iranian diplomats were kidnapped in Lebanon, yet their fate is unclear despite Iran's pursuing their case in international communities.

Ahmad Motevaselian (military affiliate), Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi (Embassy's charge d'affairs), Kazem Akhavan (photographer and correspondent of the Islamic Republic News Agency) and Taghi Rastegar (Embassy employee) were kidnapped by some Lebanese armed parties.

Iran's charge d'affairs in Lebanon, Ahmad Hosseini appreciated the Lebanese government and called for further efforts to make the fate of the Iranian kidnapped diplomats clear.

The attendees emphasized that they will stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the families of the kidnapped diplomats, urging the Lebanese authorities to make their highest efforts to solve the issue, Al-Alam reported.  

The ex-Foreign Minister of Lebanon, Adnan Mansour urged to uncover the kidnapping of the Iranian diplomats in Lebanon and pursue the case through different ways to come to effect.

Also, the head of the Lebanese Parliament Commission of Human Rights Michel Moussa stressed a joint human and legal decision made against the anti-human rights acts of the Zionist regime.

Iran has always considered the Israeli regime to be accountable for the arrest of the four diplomats and has declared that they have been handed over to the Zionist regime after the arrest. 104/215

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