Khorasan (IP) - The top manager and director of Khorasan railway network says Iran wants to develop its railway infrastructure through launching special trains for tourists.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Managing Director of the railway network in northeastern province of Khorasan, Mohammad Hadi Ziayi Mehr said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency that the development of special tourist trains is mostly aimed at expanding and renovating the rail transportation infrastructure in the province.

The top railway official added that last year some 17 special tourist trains were launched in Khorasan Razavi province, serving on three specific railway lines, namely ‘Mashhad to Nishabur’, 'Mashhad to Khaf', and 'Mashhad to Sarakhs' lines.

Ziayi Mehr also highlighted that some 28 international tourist trains have also had a stop-over in the city of Mashhad and after pilgrimage to the Holy Razavi Shrine continued their journey and headed for other tourist destinations.

Referring to the fact that Iran’s railway is connected to the Central Asian and eastern European countries including China and Russia, Ziayi Mehr stressed that some two millions and three hundred thousand tons of goods have been transferred though Sarakhs railway line to Central Asia in 2018.  103/211/203


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