Iranian President emphasized that the United States has failed in its policy of withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and undermining the multilateral agreement.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hassan Rouhani said: "It was a difficult decision for the Americans to withdraw unilaterally from the nuclear deal. They really wanted the Europeans to accompany them and to withdraw collectively from the nuclear agreement, but this did not happen and they had to withdraw humiliatingly all alone."

President Hassan Rouhani's remarks were delivered on Saturday at a ceremony in Tehran to mark National Teachers' Day, Iran Press reported.

Elaborating further Rouhani said: "The Americans are targeting our economy and our currency. They want to dash the hopes of the Iranian public. We have to resist them and we will resist them. We must do the same to them. We must ensure the failure of their policy in such a way that they lose all hope."

He added that Iran should boost non-oil exports and continue oil sails to counter US sanction.

Rouhani said arrogant countries with the promotion of Iran phobia prepare the ground for sanctions.

Iranian President said the US and its allies with 1929 UNSC resolution bring us at the verge of war but we were after nuclear science simultaneously with trust to its peaceful nature.

He said: "Saudi and Zionist regime try their best effort to make sure that Iran nuclear deal faced with failure."

Turning to the education system in Iran President Rouhani said every eighteen-year-old who graduates from high school, who doesn't proceed to university and further education,  must have skills and proficiency suitable for finding a job.

President Rouhani pointedly added: "People who graduate with a diploma from high school, and intend to work, must have skills and proficiency needed by employers."

Rouhani said, “The value of a teacher’s work cannot be measured with material criteria and martyrs Motahari, Beheshti, Rajai, and Bahonar exceptional models for teaching.”

The President described teachers as the mentors of the society and stressed that teachers defend the country’s cultural and ethical borders.

Turning to the audience of teachers and educators from across the country, the Iranian president urged teachers to ensure that all students have hope for their future and the future of their country.

Iranian President also said that recent floods and earthquakes in Iran have been unprecedented in the past 100 years.


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