Tehran (IP) – Iranian citizen Hamid Nouri's son says his father has suffered torture and solitary confinement for three years and there are concerns over his health condition.

Iran PressIran news: Hamid Nouri," 61, an Iranian citizen, was arrested by Sweden's security forces on November 9, 2019, upon his arrival to Sweden to follow up on family issues.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Swedish court based on the remarks of members of the MKO (Mojahedin Khalq Organization) terrorist group, a sentence that has many ambiguities and raised questions about its validity.

Noting that Hamid Nouri has been in a solitary confinement cell since his arrest in October 2019, Majid Nouri, Hamid Nouri's son, told IRNA on Wednesday that the judge wrote him in an email a couple of months ago that the restrictions had been lifted.

Majid Nouri highlighted prison guards continue to restrict his father even though the judge ordered the lifting of limitations; hence, Hamid Nouri is being kept in a solitary confinement cell yet and he cannot have any visit or contact with his family members.

Moreover, his father has been under torture, he stated, adding that his eyes’ sight, and hearing have been hurt due to being beaten during the imprisonment.

"My father is being under physical and spiritual torture in the prison, so the family is very worried about his health condition," the son said.

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According to the Judiciary source, Nouri does not have access to an ophthalmologist to examine his eyes, his communication with his family is severely limited, and even he has been denied the right to study.

During the past 3 years (26,000 hours spent in detention), Hamid Nouri has only had the possibility of 30 hours of telephone conversations and 10 hours of face-to-face meetings with his family.

During the past two months, he has managed to speak with his family only one time and for 5 minutes; and while his child wanted to tell him about the status quo in Iran, the ward waned that the conversation would be cut off.

A few months ago, Hamid Nouri in an audio file said that he had been tortured while in custody and was denied medical care despite suffering from eye problems.

The Swedish court conducted a hearing based on the testimony of about 60 members of the MeK terrorist organization, who claimed that Nouri played the role of a prison guard nearly four decades ago.

The court did not allow any of the witnesses to testify in favor of the Iranian citizen.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Swedish court while he had not been provided to read the Persian text of the verdict.


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