A spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the response of the Iranian side is not beyond its usual stance, over-ambitious regarding the relevant issues. ,

Iran PressAsia: In the new round of negotiations in Vienna, centered on the lifting of oppressive and illegal sanctions against Iran, which was held on August 4-8, several proposals were made by "Enrique Mora", the coordinator of the European Union.

Earlier, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Iran has given its opinion on the US response to an EU draft text for the possible agreement on the removal of sanctions.

A spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said early on Saturday that Beijing is reviewing Iran's response to the United States, and expressed hope that all parties can actively address Iran's legitimate concerns and work for an early conclusion of the reviving agreement.

Mikhail Ulyanov, the representative of Russia in international organizations, also in this regard, said: "It seems that Iranian suggestions aren’t over-ambitious and can be accommodated provided there is the necessary political will to complete the Vienna Talks,"

In May 2018, the US government unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran and resumed sanctions against the Iranian people, contrary to UN Security Council Resolution 2231. 219

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