Berlin (IP) - The people in the German capital city of Berlin took again to the streets and condemned the Israeli regime's war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Iran PressEurope: The pro-Palestinian people in Berlin staged a demonstration on Sunday, calling for the termination of genocide in Gaza and an immediate ceasefire in the war-hit zone.

The German government, along with the United States and the UK, always supports the Israeli regime and provides the regime with military assistance.

According to the German Ministry of Finance, Berline has increased its military assistance to Israel 10 times compared to the last year, most of which was provided to the regime since October 7, 2023. 

The German state also provides the Israeli regime with political support and has declared that it will stand as the third party by the regime.

Furthermore, the German government joined some other Western countries in suspending the UN humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza. 

Since October 7, the Israeli regime has been pouring bombs on the Gaza Strip, killing more than 26,420 people and injuring more than 65,000 in the Palestinian city. 

The UN warned that about half of the population of Gaza, including hundreds of thousands of children, are facing severe famine, and the needy people who are looking for food are shot by the Israeli army every day.

The World Food Programme described the crisis in Gaza as the worst humanitarian disaster and stated that more aid is desperately needed, but bombings must be stopped first.


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