Saeed al-Shihabi, a Bahraini political activist said that the west considers Muslim world unity as a threat to Israel and so they oppose it.

Iran PressIran newsSaid al-Shihabi, a member of the Bahrain Freedom Movement and a political activist  said in exclusive interview with Iran Press News agency: "there is another reason I believe for opposing Muslims unity. The reason is that strong Muslims will produce another alternative political system."

"The political system that has dominated in the world which was created after the second world war, 70 years ago, is showing signs of aging, and becoming old. It is not functioning and it is fragmenting," Said al-Shihabi noted.

He added: "You see in Europe, how fragmentation is taking place with British exit from the EU. You see some problems across the Atlantic, US President Donald Trump is there and Europe is not happy about him. So, this political system shows signs of aging, it is becoming old and useless."

 Al-Shihabi continued: "So, Islamic alternative is there, but it needs strong Muslims to show the world that it works. But Western world don't want that."

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He said: "Second aim is that Israel as a so-called state lives there and Islamic countries normalize their relations with it. With consideration that Al-Aqsa, Quds, is a sacred place not only for Jews, but for other religions, who want to ensure that they regain back the occupied lands which has been occupied by Israel, and the west consider it as a threat to Israelis. If the Muslims are united, they can easily stop the aggressions, building more settlements, occupying more lands, Judaization of Al Quds, and also blockading Gaza and killing innocent people, children and women by Israel."

"So, the west is not happy to see the Muslims are united and challenge the Israeli domination. This is why they don’t want Muslim unity," The political activist concluded.


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