Judiciary spox:

Tehran(IP)- Iran's Judiciary Spokesman called Habib Asyud the most famous and reckless criminal having no qualms about killing innocent Iranians.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at his presser on Tuesday, the spokesperson of Iran's Judiciary Masoud Setayeshi referred to Habib Asyud, the ringleader of the terrorist and separatist "Harakat al-Nadal" outfit, who had been hanged recently saying: " He was one of the most famous and reckless criminals who had no qualms about killing the innocent and defenseless people of our country."

Setayeshi further stated: " According to his statements, he was proud of these murders even before his arrest. He was supported by the western intelligence agencies, and if he was not arrested, he would have continued his crimes and carried out the programs of the western governments and killed the people of Iran."

Iran's Judiciary spox went on to note: "In his case, as stated, the footprints of the Western Zionist and American blackmail services are quite evident, the services that support and train the criminal terrorists with all kinds of financial support and weapons... Behind the podiums and the media, they become so-called gentlemen and complain about the violation of human rights. But at the same time, from the point of view of the terrorists, if thousands of defenseless women and children are killed, no voice will be raised about the necessity of confronting the perpetrators of the crimes. But the same terrorist was arrested and executed by court order to save hundreds of oppressed and innocent lives. Immediately after his arrest by Iran, the legal procedure and the fair trial process for him did not stop and continued."

According to Setayeshi after the investigation, he was entitled to all the rights of detainees and defendants, including the right to legal defense and to have a lawyer, and other cases, like all the defendants in the competent courts, and finally, through the legal procedures, his sentence was issued and executed. It is another document that shows that no criminal will be safe from the consequences of his crime.

"We have nothing to do with criminals who violate the nation's rights, and sooner or later the criminals will be punished.", he stressed.


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