Aug 02, 2020 19:22 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 03, 2020 21:30 Asia/Tehran]
  • Americans intensely disapprove US handling of Coronavirus

The results of a joint poll show that Americans have a very negative view of the US government's performance in countering the outbreak of the Coronavirus compared to other countries in the world.

Iran PressAmerica: According to a joint poll by the Huffington Post and the YouGov Institute, only 19 percent of Americans believe the White House is doing better than the rest of the world handling coronavirus.

However, the results of a similar poll in May 2020 showed that dissatisfaction with the performance of the United States in countering the outbreak of the coronavirus has generally increased among supporters of both Republicans and Democrats.

According to the poll, 71 percent of Democrats and 19 percent of Republicans believe that the United States is particularly weak in tackling the coronavirus epidemic.

Dissatisfaction with the US government in March 2020 was 49 percent among Democrats and 2 percent among Republicans.

These results reflect a decline in American public confidence in the US government in managing the Corona crisis in 2020.

With the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19, many Americans are at risk of starvation and malnutrition.

The United States ranks first in the world in terms of the number of people infected with the coronavirus and the number of victims.

American public opinion evaluates the performance of Donald Trump in the fight against the Coronavirus as a weak one.


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