Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Health Minister says 2,300 physicians were dispatched to the deprived parts of the country to meet the people's need for medical services.

Iran PressIran news: Saeed Karimi held a presser on Sunday to talk about the ministry's measures and achievements so far for the medical prosperity of the Iranian people. 

Karimi said: "2,300 doctors were distributed in deprived areas; if we count the different quotas, we will need 2,800 doctors, so that the people could have fair access to specialist doctors."

He exampled the cochlear implant as one of the services saying that nearly 32,000 people were awaiting the implant, a number which now has reached Zero and for free. 

Incurable patients' fund was another service Karimi referred to and said that 5 thousand billion tomans were deposited into the fund; the fund has started working and the patients who should be covered by the fund will be identified.

The fund formerly covered 4 to 5 special diseases, but now it serves 44 ones, and we are determined to increase the number to 100. 


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