Turkish Foreign Minister, in a joint conference with his Egyptian counterpart, stated that Israel’s crimes against Palestinians and occupation of Palestine are the main cause of instability in West Asia, warning that tensions will continue to escalate in the region unless the issue is resolved.

Iran Press/Asia: Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan made the remarks at a joint news conference with his Egyptian counterpart Salem Shoukry in Istanbul on Saturday.

"If this crisis is not resolved properly, if Palestinians are not given the state, independence, and sovereignty they deserve, such crises will continue to escalate in our region," he added.

The Turkish foreign minister went on to say that the Palestine issue may trigger global issues, stressing that “cooperation between Egypt and Turkey is extremely beneficial for our peoples and region.”

Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Minister, in response to the foreign minister of the Zionist regime, who called Haniyeh's reception by Recep Tayyip Erdogan a source of shame and embarrassment, emphasized: "It is Israel that should be ashamed of the killing of 35,000 Palestinians."

The head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement arrived in Türkiye on Friday evening at the head of a delegation of the leaders of this movement. Haniyeh also met with Erdogan on Saturday. 219