Niamey (IP) - The people of Niger demanded the withdrawal of American soldiers from their country with demonstrations in Niamey.

Iran PressAfrica: According to Iran Press, Nigerian men, women and youths on Saturday evening in this anti-American demonstration, which was held up to Niamey's Resistance Square, emphasized the unconditional withdrawal of American forces from the territory of Niger.

The Nigerian demonstrators stated that the evil forces of the US are illegally present in Niger and it has led to the instability of their country and the colonization of this country.

Previously, the people of Niger forced the French military to withdraw from Niger with continuous sit-ins and demonstrations in Niamey and celebrated the victory.

In addition to the complete withdrawal of French troops from Niger, the French embassy in Niamey was also closed at the request of the people of Niger.

The people of Niger believe that with the withdrawal of the French military, Niger has moved towards real national sovereignty, and with the withdrawal of the American military, this process will be complete and Niger will become truly independent.


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