Iran's under-17 team, comprised of 42 teens from across the country, won second place at RobotChallenge 2023 in Beijing, China.

Participating in five various leagues of the competition, the young Iranians were coached by Ma'ede Najafi, Nasrin Ashuri, Parisa Afshar, and Mohammad Hossein Naderi, with Ahmad Sami’ei as the head coach.

The Iranian team returned to Tehran on Tuesday.


This year the two-day event with over 3,000 participants in 1,600 teams from 24 countries was hosted by Beijing from August 11 to 13.

The countries participating in the competition were the host country, China, in addition to Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Austria, Check, Poland, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, New Zealand, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Mongolia, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Ethiopia.

The international robotics contest has been held annually since 2004.