2st Technology Investment Summit (TIM 2020) kicks off

Tehran (IP) - The Second TIM 2020 (Technology Investment Meeting) started in Pardis Technology Park, Tehran with attendance of companies from different countries including Switzerland, Finland, India, Pakistan, Germany, Nigeria.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Secretariat of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (D-8 TTEN) is the organizer of TIM 2020 and is intended to create a cooperation and synergism atmosphere for Venture capital firms in the Islamic states.

D-8 TTEN is a network founded in 2013 among the eight developing Muslim countries. Those 8 Muslim countries are Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan.

Foreign countries' companies participating in the event estimated high cooperation opportunities in Iran and the company owners called TIM 2020 as one of the greatest ways to attract investment by the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

One of the significant investment issues in the technology world is the Venture Capital (VC) in start-ups firms. Venture capital-backed firms invest and assist start-up companies until their growth stage. VC issue has convergence with Islamic financial foundations.

TIM 2020 is entitled, "VC funds: experiences and financing models", and will demonstrate the latest activities of VC funds besides detecting activities to attract upcoming cooperation.


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