Tehran (IP) - The Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) says national outlets such as press TV will pass the challenges the western powers made to hinder them.

Iran PressIran news: Following the riots in Iran and support of the unrest they made in the country, the European Union sanctioned the Iranian international network Press TV. 

On the sidelines of the weekly cabinet session, Peyman Jebelli told the Iran Press reporter with regard to the EU sanction on Press TV: "Given that the international networks of IRIB, including Press TV, have experienced similar challenges, they will surely pass the new challenge."

Jebelli said that it was not the first time the West violated its advocacy of the freedom of speech. 

"Despite the fact the powerful international rivals of Press TV enjoyed facilities and the Western powers supported them, they could not tolerate the minimal presence of Press TV in the media sphere," he noted.

The head of Iran's national media said that by the minimal presence, he meant the equipment and facilities of Press TV compared to other powers' media, yet he pointed out that in terms of the message influence of the Islamic republic Press TV and other international outlets of the IRIB were voicing the words of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a heavily inequitable environment.  

"The voice of the Islamic Republic has reached the world's nations and will reach since then," he stressed.


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