Manama (IP) - Hundreds of people in Bahrain took to the streets in the Al-Sanabis area, east of Manama and other neighborhoods to express their support for Palestinians and condemn the crimes of the Israeli government in the Gaza Strip.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The demonstration marked the ninth consecutive month of protests in Bahrain, which began after the Israel attacks on Gaza on April 7, 2023.

Demonstrators called for an end to the "genocide" of Palestinians in Gaza and condemned the international communities' compromise with the Israeli regime.

Despite efforts by Bahraini police to restrict the gathering, the protesters continued their march, underscoring the strong sentiment of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

More than 37,266 people in Gaza have been killed in the 251 days of Israeli attacks and 85,102 wounded since October 7. 

According to Medical sources, more than 25 Palestinians were killed in Gaza on Friday including an infant, and 30 people were injured just in a strike in Gaza City’s Tuffah neighborhood.


Bahrainis protest to condemn the Zionists' crime in Nusirat