Nov 10, 2018 08:22 Asia/Tehran

The people of Bahrain have condemned the normalization of relations with Zionist regime, by holding mass protests and rallies in different parts of the country.

Iran Press/ Middle East: The protests were held at the invitation of the religious leaders of the country to show Solidarity with Al-Wefaq Secretary-General.

According to Iran Press, the mass protests called "Friday of Rage", reaffirmed their solidarity to Al-Wefaq Secretary-General "Sheikh Ali Rahman".

Bahraini citizens also held a demonstration outside "Imam Sadegh" mosque in Alderazi region in Manama, after Al-e-Khalifa regime prevented them from holding Friday Prayer for a hundred and twenty second consecutive week.

The demonstrators emphasized on their protests to the normalization of relations with Israeli regime.

Religious leaders of Bahrain have called for protests on Friday, November 9, in response to the sentencing of prominent opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman and rumors of an improving relationship with Israel.

 Sheikh Ali Salman was sentenced to life in prison on November 4.

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On November 1, 2017, opposition leader Sheikh Salman and his two assistants were charged with “spying on behalf of a foreign country with the aim of carrying out subversive acts against Bahrain and harming its national interests.”

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Sheikh Salman was also charged with “revealing defense secrets to a foreign country and disseminating information that would harm Bahrain's status and reputation.”

Ali Salman led the opposition Al-Wefaq Party, which was involved in anti-government demonstrations in 2011 during the Arab Spring. 101/ 207


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