Aug 16, 2018 16:21 Asia/Tehran

The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lise Grande said that the entire world condemns Saudi Arabia’s latest massacre in Yemen which claimed the lives of children.

Iran Press/Iran: “What we are seeing today are the victims of the airstrike. The terrible human cost of the airstrike and of the war. The entire world condemns this,” UN humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Lise Grande said during a trip to the war-torn country.

Meanwhile, UNICEF’s resident representative in Yemen, Meritxell Relano, has called for an end to Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen and continued massacring of children.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced that 40 children were among 51 civilians recently killed during a Saudi airstrike on a school bus in Yemen’s Sa’ada province.

In a new toll on Tuesday, the ICRC reported that 56 children were also among the 79 people wounded in Thursday’s air raid on Sa’ada Province.

As soon as a bus carrying school children entered a busy market in the Sa’ada province on Thursday, Saudi fighters targeted it. At least 51 civilians have lost their lives and 80 others sustained injuries, most of whom were students.

Meanwhile, The head of the Houthis’ supreme revolutionary committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, said that US is responsible for “this ugly massacre of Yemeni children” and blamed the United States for the crime.

Reports by independent world bodies have warned that the Saudi-led air campaign against Yemen has driven the impoverished country towards humanitarian disaster, as Saudi Arabia’s deadly campaign prevented the patients from travelling abroad for treatment and blocked the entry of medicine into the war-torn country.

Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis with more than 22 million people in need and is seeing a spike in needs, fuelled by ongoing conflict, a collapsing economy and diminished social services and livelihoods.

A UN panel has compiled a detailed report of civilian casualties caused by the Saudi military and its allies during their war against Yemen, saying the Riyadh-led coalition has used precision-guided munitions in its raids on civilian targets.

The United Nations has recently chosen its former humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Lise Grande, to assume the same task in Yemen, succeeding Jamie McGoldrick who also condemned Saudi's massacre several time. 

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