May 15, 2019 18:18 Asia/Tehran

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) unveiled an atlas website of aid volunteers (Jihadi organisations) on Wednesday.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Institute of studies of Jihadi movements, part of the Basij Reconstruction Organisation, together with the Student Basij Organisation, have set up an atlas website of aid volunteers (Jihadi) organisations, which was officially unveiled on Wednesday 15 May.  

The main aim of setting up an atlas website of aid volunteers (Jihadi) organisations is to give all Jihadi organisations a 'birth certificate' of sorts, to have an official record of all their past activities and valuable expertise, and for this information to be readily available to the public as well as to all government departments and ministries and non-governmental organisations.

The atlas website will also provide a means for various Jihadi organisations to exchange information and share their experiences and expertise with one another. It will also act as a register of Jihadi groups. 101/211


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