May 14, 2019 07:01 Asia/Tehran

Speaking on Monday evening in Tehran in a cordial meeting with Sunni clerics, President declared that Iran’s Islamic Revolution does not belong to one specific religious branch, rather all Iranians and followers of all religions have had an active presence in the Revolution and they own the country and the Revolution."

Iran Press/Iran news: President Hassan Rouhani also referred to the active presence of Sunnis in the Revolution, adding, “Sunnis have active presence in all stages, especially elections, and choose their representatives.”

According to an Iran Press report quoting the official website of the Iranian President, Rouhani said: “I have said this explicitly many times that it is very important for the government to protect the dignity and social position of different ethnic and religious groups for them to have active presence in all affairs of the country.”

Increasing Sunni presence in Iranian Politics 

The President also referred to remarkable increase of Sunni brothers’ presence in political and social stages during the past 5 to 6 years, adding: “The symbol of this fact is the position of two of our Sunni brothers as ambassadors of our country.”

“The government and the Islamic Republic of Iran consider you as the faithful border guards of the country. Sunnis have been faithful border guards of Iran since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and they will continue to do so,” added Rouhani.

He also said, “The government does not practice any discrimination in providing services to people during floods and earthquake. To us, there is no difference between Sunnis and Shias in providing services.”

“We are all Iranians and Muslims, and we believe in this,” said the President, adding, “During the Kermanshah earthquake, many of those who had problems were our Sunni brothers, and the government has done a great deal of work in quake-hit areas.”

Recompense for damaged homes in earthquake and floods to be paid by July

He said: “I have emphasised that recompense for damaged homes must be finalized by mid-July; this is very hard work, but we will do our best to do that.”

The President added: “In recent weeks, colossal water and soil projects have been carried out in western provinces. In the coming weeks, we will carry out another major project as well”.

“Iran’s prosperity, serving people, and the feeling of brotherhood and employing everyone, including Shias and Sunnis, for the country’s management indicate observing citizenship rights of all Iranians,” he continued.

Shias and Sunnis closely cooperate to develop country

Rouhani also said: “Today, we are witnessing how Shias and Sunnis are working together for the country’s development and advancement.”

Referring to enemies’ various threats, he said: “Iran and Iranians are greater than anyone can threaten. God-willing, we will overcome this hard stage with dignity and pride, and our enemies will fail.” 103/211


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