Mar 15, 2019 14:05 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran condemns 'Muslim Massacre' in New Zealand Mosques

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has strongly condemned the Friday terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand, calling on the New Zealand government to identify and properly punish the perpetrators.

Iran Press/Iran news: Bahram Ghassemi described the attack as 'inhumane' and 'barbaric', calling on the New Zealand government to quickly identify the perpetrators of this racist act, and confront them by administering justice without any consideration.

“Any terrorist act, no matter where it occurs or by whom it is carried out or under whatever pretext and motives, must be condemned by all countries," said Ghassemi, adding "governments must not allow racist and anti-Islam sentiments to endanger the security and peace of the citizens of their countries," Iran Press reported.

Beginning at about 1.40 p.m. local time, armed gunmen attacked Masjid Al Noor mosque and Linwood Masjid Mosque in Christchurch.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced 49 people have been killed, and at least 50 injured, in Friday's attacks on two Christchurch mosques.105/205


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