Mar 12, 2019 14:53 Asia/Tehran
  • London\\\'s move to grant diplomatic protection to Zaghari not constructive: Iran FM Spox
    London\\\'s move to grant diplomatic protection to Zaghari not constructive: Iran FM Spox

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has confirmed that Tehran has received a note from the British government through official channels informing us of "diplomatic protection" being given to Nazanin Zaghari.

 Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghassemi added that relevant departments of the foreign ministry are currently reviewing the legal and political aspects of this note and that Tehran will give an official and appropriate response in due course.

According to a Mehr News Agency report, Bahram Ghasemi said: "This move by the UK Government does not in itself create any new legal status either internally or internationally, but merely reflects a political decision by the government of the United Kingdom, which is contrary to even its explicit legal positions in international circles."

He argued that "What is certain is that, firstly, the British government lacks goodwill regarding the move, and secondly, the move is not considered constructive or positive in any way, and if it does not complicate the situation further, it will certainly not simplify the situation in any way."

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced on Friday that London had decided to give Zaghari diplomatic protection 'as part of the Government’s continuing efforts to secure her release.'

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"Affording diplomatic protection in Nazanin’s case represents formal recognition by the British Government that her treatment fails to meet Iran’s obligations under International law and elevates it to a formal State to State issue," a statement by the UK Foreign Office said.

"I have today decided that the UK will take a step that is extremely unusual and exercise diplomatic protection," Hunt said in a video message.

In reaction to Hunt’s statement, Iranian ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad said the UK government’s granting of diplomatic protection to Zaghari contravenes international law.

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"Governments may only exercise such protection to their own nationals. As the UK Government is perfectly aware, Iran does not recognize dual nationality. Irrespective of UK residency, Ms Zaghari is an Iranian national", Baeidinejad said in a tweet on Friday.


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