Mar 07, 2019 13:12 Asia/Tehran

Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces emphasized that media should be the true representative of the real nature of the 'holy defense era' away from any exaggeration or distortion.

Iran Press/Iran news: Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces, Major general Mohammad Bagheri, in an interview with Iran Press International News Agency on Thursday praised the significant role of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in providing the radio and television coverage of Rahian-e-Noor activities.

The top military official also admired Iran's printed and visual media efforts in this regard. However, he called for more advanced circulation of information, so that the true and real essence of Iran's holy defense era will be introduced and explained for the young generation in the future so that there will be no involved exaggeration and distortion.

Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces highlighted earlier that most of the people attending Rahian-e-Noor are young people.


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Major general Bagheri's remarks came on the sidelines of the Policy Council meeting of the Rahian-e- noor national plan, held on Thursday morning in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

'Rahian-e Noor' (meaning voyagers to light) is the name for state-run tours of South and southwestern Iran where used to be the war zone with Iraq in the 1980s. It is intended to keep alive the memory of Iranian efforts and lives lost during the Holy Defense.104/203

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